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Fold · $uicideboy$ · Scott Arceneaux Jr · Aristos Petrou

My Liver Will Handle What My Heart Can't

℗ 2015 G59 RECORDS

Released on: 2015-09-21

Producer: Budd Dwyer

Auto-generated by YouTube.

Samsung Z Fold 3 Review: Let's Talk Ambition!

Samsung Z Fold 3 is the second best folding phone on earth for a reason.
That shirt!

Tech I'm using right now:

Intro Track:
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music:

Phone provided by Samsung for review.

The Horizon : Atleast we are getting closer to a more usable phone. I bet by the 5th gen, I would probably buy it
Edit: it was at 999 on bestbuy and I needed a new phone, so since it was near normal flagship price I gave in lol
Ken Kibbey : I think I would be extremely excited about the fold series if it was the same size as my Note while folded.
Tyler Newell : Hey man, just wanted to say I appreciate your attention to detail in the production of your videos. The level of resolution, the music and all the transitions incredibly on point. Best out there aby far. I agree with everything you said. I recently left apple and my iphone 12 for the flip 3. Absolutely love the flip 3, I never realized how much being able to have your phone at 90 degrees etc can enhance regular daily habits. Love the content keep it up man, I've followed you for years. I worked for a large cellular company and all of us reps used your videos to learn on the phones far better than any sponsored "training" from the manufactures.
ztg159 : Just upgraded to the fold 3 from iphone 11 pro max. I tried the 13 pro max which is a great phone i returned it for the fold 3. I absolutely love it! My only issue is that the battery drains quickly after 2 hours i went from 100 % to 76%. I am a heavy youtube watcher. I even used battery saver mode. Still absolutely love this device!
Brandon Giesing : Another important reason this isn't a replacement for the Note, the S-Pen ONLY works on the internal screen. A big thing people used the Note for was quickly taking notes on the always-on screen without turning it on, it's way more effort now to make a quick note now since you have to open the device to even take a note.

Line Goes Up – The Problem With NFTs

If someone pitches you on a "great" Web3 project, ask them if it requires buying or selling crypto to do what they say it does.

Sources and Further Reading

Written and performed by Dan Olson

00:00:00 Preface
00:01:12 0. In 2008 The Economy Collapsed
00:07:09 1. Bitcoin
00:18:18 2. Ethereum
00:24:34 3. The Machine
00:39:07 4. NFTs Exist To Get You To Buy Crypto
00:57:54 5. The Unbearable Cringe Of Crypto
01:11:46 6. A Self-Organizing High Control Group
01:16:57 7. Crypto Reality
01:25:36 8. There Is No Privacy On The Chain
01:32:52 9. If This "Looks Like Scam" Then Every NFT Room I'm In Looks Like Scam LOL
01:38:29 10. Play To Earn Exists To Get You To Buy Crypto
01:46:39 11. We're All Gonna Make It And By "We" I Mean "Us" Not You
01:56:08 12. DAOs Exist To Get You To Buy Crypto
02:13:21 13. I Know It's Rigged, But It's The Only Game In Town
AveragePixel : Thank you for increasing my fear of NFTs for reasons i'd never before considered
NAGAbaba2288 : The script writing on display here is just phenomenal. Using the most accurate words to describe the situation perfectly. Thorough research with factual data to back it up. A job well done.
brano13177 : One of my best friends online is a pixel artists who does Pixel Art along the lines of "Metal Slug Style Mechs operated by Sonic-Mobian pilots" and is both an amazing artist and a founding father admin of our spriting and pixel art community.

Recently his non-profit fan art pixel works were stolen by some French NFT scammer to be made into NFT's for profit, even asking $3,000 for work he stole off my friend for the NFT group that is specifically ripping off my freinds work.

On the bright side, my friend was made aware of this and he managed to get into the group to set the record straight. The rest of the pixel art community I'm apart of also jumped in to affirm that our freinds work was stolen and monetized without consent. I'm taking a bit of schadenfreude over the fact these NFT scammers and Crypto-Bro's are starting to implode in on themselves; and frankly it's what they deserve for stealing my freinds art to try and sell off of his labor.
Gabriel Valencia : The part about NFT adopters blaming artists for not getting paid because they didn’t get in soon enough just goes to show how ppl can rationalize almost anything that benefits them even when it’s clearly bad.
Chris Kramer : "Our systems are breaking or broken, straining under neglect and sabotage, and our leaders seem, at best, complacent, willing to coast out the collapse. We need something better. But a system that turns everyone into pretty digital landslords, that distills all interaction into transaaction, that determines the value of something by how sellable it is and whether or not it can be gambled on as a fractional token, sold via micro-auction, that's not it." That is one hell of a speech, and it very eloquently highlights the flaws in our current economic system, and points out, how abusrd and cynical an alternative system based on cryptocurrencies would be.




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